Precautions before placing order

1. All products are 100% imported from Korea and none of them are imitations. The products shown in our website are directly ordered from Korean official websites. Customers are welcomed to make a comparison of the items shown in respective websites.

2. Depends on production situation of some certain categories.  Thus, certain items are tagged with “MADE IN CHINA”. The patent of designing & selling, however, are owned by Korean manufacturers. This explains the manufacturing place cannot be used to determine whether the goods are imitations.

3. All the photos shown in our website are obtained from Korean fashion official website. Photographs are taken from the actual items in Korea.

4. Due to the various materials and the methods of measurement, there may be a slight discrepancy on the size between the information shown in our website and the actual product. A 1-4 cm of size tolerance is within normal range.

5. Products’ color might be slightly different when viewing by various monitors. Individual perception of color and the lighting when photographing will also affect the products displayed in the pictures.

6. Stock availability show "In stock" that means it is available for place order.  We will check and offer current stock from HK office first.  If out stock in HK then we will place order directly to Korea supplier immediately.

Current stock(s): Once full payment is received, product(s) will be shipped out in 2 business days.

Ordering good(s): Apart from those available in current stocks, we provide goods ordering service from Korean fashion websites. The product(s) will go through the process of good matching, quality checking and customs clearance before reaching Hong Kong. Under normal circumstances, once we placed order to Korea, who will confirm the availability of item(s) in 4-12 business days and ship out their instock item(s) to Hong Kong in the following 2 business days (excluding Saturday, Sunday & Korean public holiday).  The stock matching process may be delay due to transportation arrangement or other factors.

7. As an online shopping store, we place order to Korea once received full payment from our customers. Meanwhile, the goods are on sales in Korean market. The cycle of buying and selling is rapidly changing in Korean fashion, therefore, certain products are run out of stock may occur occasionally.  However, we are not able to assure the success of ordering after payment is made. Good(s) may be sold out BEFORE placing order or DURING the goods matching process. If merchandise ordered is not available in the 1st batch distribution, customer MUST wait for 2nd batch distribution.  For 2nd batch, the arrival time is 14 to 30 days.  If the style is no longer available, we will advise customer

If above cases happened, we will inform customer immediately and a full refund in the form of shop credit will be returned to customer. Any future purchase will deduct from the credit.

8. Once the payment is made, we are not able to accept any changes of the order, except personal or delivery details. Customers are strongly recommended to double check the content of order before proceed to payment.

9. Size change is not allowed after order confirmed.  Customers are strongly recommened to double check the size measurement provided on item photo or size chart reference from our website.